[NCTS-Phys seminar] Nonlinear bosonization, (Non-)Fermi liquids, and the anomalous Hall effect

Title:Nonlinear bosonization, (Non-)Fermi liquids, and the anomalous Hall effect
Speaker:Ms. Yi-Hsien Du (University of Chicago)
Date:2024/02/26 (Mon.)
Place:4F Lecture Hall, Cosmology Hall, NTU
Fermi liquid theory is a cornerstone of condensed matter physics. I will show how to formulate Fermi liquid theory as an effective field theory. In this approach, the space of low-energy states of a Fermi liquid is identified with a coadjoint orbit of the group of canonical transformations. The method naturally leads to a nonlinear bosonized description of the Fermi liquid with nonlinear corrections fixed by the geometry of the Fermi surface. I will present that the resulting local effective field theory captures both linear and nonlinear effects in Landau’s Fermi liquid theory. The approach can be extended to encompass non-Fermi liquids, which correspond to strongly interacting fixed points obtained by deforming Fermi liquids with relevant interactions. I will also discuss how Berry curvature can be captured in the effective field theory approach.