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TG2.2: High energy theory

I. Coordinator:
Yu-tin Huang 黃宇廷 (NTU)
yutin [at]

II. Core Members:
Center Scientists
Yu-tin Huang 黃宇廷 (NTU)
Chong-Sun Chu 朱創新 (NTHU)
Dimitrios Giataganas 狄米契 (NSYSU)

Core members
Pei-Ming Ho (NTU), Feng-Li Lin (NTNU), Chia-Hsien Shen (NTU), Yi Yang (NYCU), Chen-Pin Yeh (NDHU)

Sourav Ballav 玻樂玞
Parthiv Haldar 后達
Himanshu Parihar 裴里哈

III. Research Themes:
The main focus of our group has been on the nature of quantum gravity and strongly coupled systems. These questions often draw insights as well as have unexpected impacts to outside fields. The most recent incarnation of this is the role played by quantum information and our understanding of holographic space time and the resolution to Hawking’s information loss paradox, as well as the direct extraction of classical black hole dynamics from quantum scattering amplitudes. These are precisely the key areas where our core members have overlapping interest.

IV. Activities
The Taiwan string workshop: Traditionally this is an annual event that aims to bring together all the scientists of Taiwan working on high energy theory. The activity ensures that all the members of the local community meet and interact at least once per year. In this workshop we also invite few selected speakers from abroad that match the interest of the local community. The Annual Interdisciplinary Workshop: The workshop aims on providing interactions between high energy theorists and theoretical scientists of other fields, including condensed matter, statistical physics and machine learning, quantum information, phenomenology and astrophysics. It has been initiated in 2022 and took place in Kaohsiung and in the next years we plan to have it hosted hosted in several institutes around Taiwan. We aim to enrich its activities with interdisciplinary panel sessions that will
directly promote interdisciplinary collaborations. The Annual theory meeting in conjunction with TG2.1 and 2.3: The annual theory meeting has a long tradition in theoretical sciences. We plan to invite as speakers high energy theorists, including postdocs that are working in fields that have potential overlapping interests with TG 2.1 and 2.3.

Local regular seminars at NTU/NTHU/NYCU/NSYSU. Most of these seminars take place in person, while we often arrange to offer online links either by request or with open-access to our colleagues in the other NCTS hubs or universities so that they can join. The regular seminar activity gives also the chance to all the local scientists in high energy theory to meet regularly and interact in person, increasing the chances of new collaborations and transfer of knowledge between the institutes.

We also expect to host the EAST ASIA JOINT WORKSHOP ON FIELDS AND STRINGS 2024: This is an important meeting in Asia, where leading theory high energy scientists from East Asia join and participate. The meeting has a long history and takes place each year in rotation between Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. For the event we expect to attract funding in Taiwan from other countries and institutes abroad as well, for example from the APCTP, in Korea.

V. Expected achievements:
For both Taiwan String Workshop and Annual theory meeting, which are international conferences, we aim to use it as a platform to promote our own young researchers such as post-docs and students to present their work. It also serve as a platform to introduce overseas young Taiwanese researchers and their expertise to the local community. The support of local seminars will allow for the community to share and discuss their own work and foster new collaboration opportunities.