Seminars 專題演講

Event Date Speaker Title Host Notes
Prof. Andreas Buchleitner (Institute of Physics, University of Freiburg, Germany) TBA Prof. Yueh-Nan Chen(NCKU)
Prof. Steven G. Louie (University of California at Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley, California U.S.A.) Electron correlations in multi-particle excitations, time-dependent phenomena, and superconductivity in materials Prof. Guang-Yu Guo
Dr. Hao-Jui Kuan (Albert-Einstein-Institute in Potsdam, Germany) Gravitational Waves from Accretion-Induced Descalarization in Massive Scalar-Tensor Theory Prof. Martin Spinrath (NTHU)
Ms. Ting Cheng (Max-Planck-Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg, Germany) Precision tests on CPT violation through matter-antimatter mass asymmetry Prof. Martin Spinrath (NTHU)
Guang-Yu Guo, Hsiang-Yi Karen Yang, Sheng-Hong Chen, Hsiang-Hua Jen, Dimitrios Giataganas, Cheng-Wei Chiang, Pochung Chen, Hsi-Sheng Goan NCTS Theoretical Physics Symposium 理論物理論壇 (I) (II) at 2023 TPS Annual Meeting 台灣物理年會 Profs. Guang-Yu Guo (NTU) & Yueh-Nan Chen (NCKU)
Dr. Chih-Hwan Yang (University of New South Wales) [Joint CQSE & NCTS Special Seminar] Quantum computing with silicon MOS quantum dot Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan (NTU)
Dr. Chen-Te Ma (APCTP) Quantum Information in Quantum Gravity Prof. Po-Yao Chang (NTHU)
Dr. Ming-Chien Hsu
Improving Quantum state tomography via non-convex Riemannian gradient descent
Prof. Shin-Ming Huang (NSYSU)
Prof. Qian Niu (University of Science and Technology of China) Molecular Berry curvature for lattice dynamics Prof. Guang-Yu Guo
Prof. Qian Niu (University of Science and Technology of China) Berry curvature effects in superconductors Prof. Guang-Yu Guo
Prof. Yasuaki Hikida (YITP, Kyoto U.) [NTU-NCTS String Seminar] Symmetric orbifold from AdS_3 string theory Profs. Yu-tin Huang & Pei-Ming Ho (NTU)
Dr. Dmitry Noshchenko (Amsterdam U.) [NTU-NCTS String Seminar] Quivers, knots and open BPS states Profs. Yu-tin Huang & Pei-Ming Ho (NTU)
Mr. Yi-Ting Tu Avalanche stability transition in interacting quasiperiodic systems. Prof. Po-Yao Chang
Dr. Priyanka Sarmah (NTHU) A strong broadband 21 cm cosmological signal from dark matter spin-flip interactions Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)
Prof. Yi-Ting Hsu (University of Notre Dame) Majorana corner modes in transition metal dichalcogenides
Dr. Thong Nguyen (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica) Neutron Stars as Dark Matter Colliders Prof. Po-Yen Tseng (NTHU)
Prof. Stathes Paganis (NTU) Higgs boson measurements at the LHC and non-local interactions Dr. Girish Kumar
Mr. Feng-Jui Chan (Dept. of Physics, NCKU) Maxwell's Two-Demon Engine under Pure Dephasing Noise Prof. Yueh-Nan Chen(NCKU)
Dr. Chii-Dong Chen (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica) [Joint CQSE & NCTS Seminar] Experimental Realization of Superconducting Qubits Profs. Hsi-Sheng Goan & Guin-Dar Lin
Dr. Chung-Yun Hsieh (University of Bristol, UK) Quantum Resource Theories and Marginal Problems Prof. Ray-Kuang Lee (NTHU)