Visitors 訪客

Category Title Event Date
Visitors Prof. Xavier Waintal (University Grenoble Alpes)
Visitors Prof. Chisa Hotta (UTokyo)
Visitors Prof. Shengyuan A Yang (University of Macau)
Visitors Prof. Jochen Mannhart(Max Planck Institute of Solid State Research, Germany)
Visitors Prof. Kay Wiese (CNRS-Laboratoire de Physique de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris)
Visitors Dr. Hsin-Pin Lo(NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Japan) 
Visitors Prof. Sergey Savrasov (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of California, Davis, USA)
Visitors Mr. Tsung-Chi Wu (Department of Physics, Rutgers University)
Visitors Ms. Yi-Hsien Du (University of Chicago)
Visitors Mr. Yugo Onishi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Visitors Dr. Bartosz Regula (Center for Quantum Computing, RIKEN, Japan)
Visitors Prof. Ludovico Lami (Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Visitors Dr. Eric Brunner (Quantinuum, United Kingdom)
Visitors Dr. Cameron Foreman (Quantinuum, United Kingdom)
Visitors Prof. Adrian Del Maestro (University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA)
Visitors Dr. Chung-Yun Hsieh (School of Physics, University of Bristol, UK)
Visitors Prof. Thomas Garm Pedersen (Department of Materials and Production, Aalborg University, Denmark)
Visitors Mr. Yu-Hao Yeh (Rice University, USA)
Visitors Dr. Yink Loong Len (Yale-NUS College, Singapore)
Visitors Prof. Wei Ku (Tsung-Dao Lee Institute & Shanghai Jiao Tong University)