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TG4.2: Nanoscale Physics and Chemistry

I. Coordinator:
Liang-Yan Hsu 許良彥 (AS)
lyhsu [at]

II. Core Members:
Center Scientists
Prof. Liang-Yan Hsu (AS, NTU)
Prof. Chao-Ping Hsu (AS)

Other Core Members
Prof. Michitoshi Hayashi (NTU), 
Prof. Chun-Wei Pao (AS), 
Prof. Ming-Kang Tsai (NTNU), 
Prof. Cheng-Chau Chiu (NSYSU), 
Prof. Min-Yeh Tsai (CCU)

Dr. Yao-Wen Chang, 

III. Research Themes:
Our research focuses on, but not limited to, the following broad themes:
(1) Light-Matter Interaction in Physical Chemistry, with the connection to polariton chemistry and QED chemistry.
(2) Catalysis at the Nanoscale, with the connection to electronic structures and statistical mechanics.
(3) Machine Learning in Nanoscale Physics and Chemistry, with connection to computational chemistry methods. 
(4) Spectroscopy and Quantum Dynamics.

IV. Activities
- Conference and Min-workshop
 Plasmon, Polariton, and Quantum Electrodynamics in Physical Chemistry
 Feb 6th, 2023
- Computational Chemistry Summer School
- Monthly Seminars held at NCTS

V. Expected achievements:
- Provide a versatile platform for physical chemistry, physics and engineering 
- Develop and implement novel theoretical methods with light-matter interactions, first-principle catalysis calculations, computational chemistry and molecular spectroscopy.
- Strength the collaborations among the core members, with other local experts, and with leading international groups