Prof. Ying-Jer Kao, Prof. Po-Chung Chen, and Prof. Yu-Cheng Lin have published a paper on Griffiths singularities in the random quantum Ising antiferromagnet in Physics Review B (Editor's suggestion)

  • 2017-09-11
  • Chen, Jhan Yu 陳詹喻
Prof. Ying-Jer Kao (Center Scientist and Professor in NTU), Prof. Po-Chung Chen (TG4 coordinator, Professor in NTHU), Prof. Yu-Cheng Lin  (TG4 core member, Professor in NCCU) and their collaborators in TG4 (Topology and Entanglement in Quantum Many-Body Systems) has published a paper in Physics Review B (Editor's suggestion).

Rare events can have major effects on quantum matter. Extremely unlikely events cause certain physical properties to diverge to infinity near the quantum phase transition of the disordered Ising antiferromagnet in a transverse field, but destroy criticality of the clean system completely when a longitudinal component of the field is present. Using a tree tensor network renormalization group method combined with a novel matrix product operator representation, they detect signatures of rare events and determine the zero-temperature phase diagram of the disordered antiferromagnetic Ising chain in the presence of both longitudinal and transverse magnetic fields. The numerical technique used in this paper is generalizable to more complicated many-body systems and higher dimensions.


Yu-Ping Lin, Ying-Jer Kao, Pochung Chen, and Yu-Cheng Lin, Phys. Rev. B 96, 064427 (2017)