Prof. Chuan-Tsung Chan (professor in THU, TG3) and collaborators published their result in Nuclear Physics B

  • 2016-08-08
  • Chen, Jhan Yu 陳詹喻
(left)Prof. Chuan-Tsung Chan, Dr. Hirotaka Irie, Dr. Chi-Hsien Yeh and (right)Dr. Benjamin Niedner published a new result on their research “Matrix model descriptions of the minimal string theory”. Their article entitled “Wronskians, dualities and FZZT Cardy branes” is in Nuclear Physics B volume 910 (September 2016), 55-177.
Their research subject is called “non-critical strings”, which is a class of important toy models of strings with interesting mathematical structures. Most importantly they have a dual description in terms of integrals over matrices of large size, which helps us studying the dynamics of strings from a different angle. The full understanding of these models is expected to give us a concrete picture how the non-perturbative solutions to more general string theories should look like.
Now it is generally known that string theories are not the theories of strings only; there are various soliton-like objects called “branes”. For non-critical string theories, it has been found early in this century that a special class of “D-branes” correspond to a simple determinant-type observable in the theory of matrix integrals, and obey a set of differential equations called Baker-Akhiezer system. Their new paper clarifies how all the other D-branes can be regarded as “molecules” made of the above elementary D-branes through the study of the generalized system of differential equations. In addition, similarly to the periodic table of atoms, these “molecule” states can be arranged in a nice array called Kac table which makes many fundamental symmetries in string theory manifest.
The group of Prof. Chan has been working on this subject and published a series of papers since 2009, with Dr. Hirotaka Irie as the main driving force. This year Hirotaka left theoretical physics and started a new research project at an IT-venture company in Japan. We wish Hirotaka all the best for his future endeavors!
Link: Chuan-Tsung Chana, Hirotaka Iriea, Benjamin Niednerc, Chi-Hsien Yeh, Wronskians, dualities and FZZT Cardy branes, Nuclear Physics B volume 910 (September 2016), 55-177

Photos: (left) Prof. Chuan-Tsung Chan, Dr. Hirotaka Irie and Dr. Chi-Hsien Yeh; (right) Dr. Benjamin Niedner