NCTS Math-Phys Joint Machine Learning Seminar (online)

NCTS Math-Phys Joint Machine Learning Seminar (online)
Date & Time: 2022 Apr. 12, Tuesday 12:10-13:00 (Taiwan time)
Speaker: Prof. Cheng-Fang Su (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)
Title: Quantum Variational Algorithms and Their Application in Biomedicine

This talk will briefly introduce the basic knowledge of quantum computers and their application in biomedicine and illustrate the importance of quantum algorithms for developing related scientific fields. For example, the application of quantum variational algorithms in virus mutation research, vaccine, and drug design. This related work about quantum variational algorithms is joint with Professor Chi-Chuan Hwang.

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Co-Chair: Chen, Pochung 陳柏中 (Department of Physics, NTHU)  
Co-Chair: Huang, Tsung-Ming 黃聰明 (Department of Mathematics, NTNU) 
Chen, Jiunn-Wei 陳俊瑋 (Department of Physics, NTU)
Giataganas, Dimitrios (Department of Physics, NSYSU) 
Hu, Wei-Fan 胡偉帆 (Department of Mathematics, NCU)
Shiue, Ming-Cheng 薛名成 (Department of Applied Mathematics, NYCU)
Wang, Weichung 王偉仲 (Institute of Applied Mathematical Sciences, NTU)