NCTS 2022 學生優秀理論論文獎頒獎典禮暨論文發表會 NCTS 2022 Student Outstanding Paper Award Ceremony & Workshop (Hybrid)

NCTS 2022 學生優秀理論論文獎頒獎典禮暨論文發表
NCTS 2022 Student Outstanding Paper Award Ceremony & Workshop (Hybrid)

[ TIME ] 2022/9/23 (Fri.) 10:00-12:30
[ VENUE ] NCTS Physics Lecture Hall (4th Floor, Cosmology Hall, NTU)

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Deadline for Onsite Participation Sign Up: 2022/9/21 (Wed.) 

論文發表順序 Speech Order

黃亦得 Yi-Te HUANG
Benchmarking quantum state transfer on quantum devices

林彥興 Yen-Hsing LIN(線上 Online)
Geometry effects on dust attenuation curves with different grain sources at high redshift

陳錦軒 Chin-Hsuan CHEN
Possible high-TC superconductivity at 50 GPa in sodium hydride with clathrate structure

陳昱學 Yu-Hsueh CHEN(線上 Online)
Detecting transition between Abelian and non-Abelian topological orders through symmetric tensor networks

蘇冠璇 Kuan-Hsuan SU
Calculation of CYP450 protein–ligand binding and dissociation free energy paths

賴易杰 Yi-Chieh LAI
Effect of individual differences on the jamming transition in traffic flow
劉韋陽 Wei-Yang LIU(線上 Online
Chiral perturbation for large momentum effective field theory

2022年學生優秀理論論文獎獲獎公告 Announcement of the 2022 NCTS Student Outstanding Paper Award