High PT Higgs excess as a signal of non-local QFT at the LHC

Title:High PT Higgs excess as a signal of non-local QFT at the LHC
Time:2021/11/29 (Mon.) 12:30
Place:R517, New Physics Building, NTU

Non-local extensions of the Standard Model with a non-locality scale 𝛬𝑁𝐿 have the effect of smearing the pointlike vertices of the Standard Model.

At energies significantly lower than 𝛬𝑁𝐿 vertices appear pointlike,while beyond this scale all beta functions vanish and all couplings approach a fixed point leading to scale invariance.
Non-local SM extensions are ghost free, with the non-locality scale serving as an effective cutoff to radiative corrections of the Higgs mass. We argue that the data expected to be collected 
at the LHC phase 2 will have a sensitivity to non-local effects originating from a non-locality scale of a few TeV. Using an infinite derivative prescription, we study modifications to heavy vector-boson cross sections
that can lead to an enhanced production of boosted Higgs bosons in a region of the kinematic phase space where the SM background is very small.