Entropy-Area Law from Interior Semi-classical Degrees of Freedom

  • Event Date: 2023-03-10
  • High energy theory
  • Speaker: Dr. Yuki Yokokura (RIKEN)  /  Host: Prof. Dimitrios Giataganas (NSYSU)
    Place: NSYSU\Hybrid

Title: Entropy-Area Law from Interior Semi-classical Degrees of Freedom

Date and Time: 15.30, Friday, 10/MAR/2023

Seminar link: https://join.skype.com/pL0E7vLI5oey  (No Skype account required.)

In part 1, we review the basics of quantum theory, thermodynamics and gravity and discuss a general picture of entropy in the semi-classical Einstein equation: geometrization of entropy. In part 2, we provide a realization of the idea. We consider a gravitational bound state consisting of many semi-classical degrees of freedom and study the entropy including the self-gravity. We construct a self-consistent interior metric such that the entropy follows the Bekenstein-Hawking formula exactly for any degree of freedom. The interior is a dense configuration without horizon or singularity and behaves like a local thermal state. Here, the self-gravity plays an essential role in changing the entropy from the volume law to the area law. [arXiv: 2207.14274]