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Aug. 25 (Thursday)
Time Speaker Title
13:00-13:25 Registration
13:25-13:30 Opening- Prof. Shin-Liang Chen (NCHU)
Chairman: Prof. Yi-Hsin Chen (NSYSU)
13:35-14:05 Prof. Ray-Kuang Lee
Quantum Optics with Machine-Learning: Introduction to Machine-Learning enhanced Quantum State Tomography
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14:10-14:40 Prof. Hsiang-Hua Jen
Resonant dipole-dipole interactions in electromagnetically induced transparency
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14:45-15:00 Break
Chairman: Prof. Yeong-Cherng Liang (NCKU)
15:00-15:30 Prof. Jun-Yi Wu
(Tamkang Univ.)
Generation and detection of discrete-variable multipartite entanglement with multi-rail encoding in linear optics networks
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15:35-16:05 Prof. Ching-Yi Lai
(National Yang Ming Chiao Tung Univ.)
Parallel syndrome extraction with shared flag qubits for CSS codes of distance three
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16:10-16:40 Prof. Chiao-Hsuan Wang
Quantum Capacities of Transducers
16:45-17:00 Break
17:00-18:00 Poster Session
18:00-19:30 Dinner
19:30-22:00 Group Discussion

Aug. 26 (Friday)
Time Speaker Title
08:50-9:00 Registration
Chairman: Prof. Hsiang-Hua Jen
9:00-9:30 Prof. Chih-Sung Chuu
Quantum Information Processing with Photonic Integrated Circuits
9:35-10:05 Prof. Yi-Hsin Chen
Rydberg-based quantum sensor using atomic vapors and its applications
10:10-10:30 Break / Group photo
Chairman: Prof. Jun-Yi Wu (Tamkang Univ.)
10:30-11:00 Prof. Yuan-Chung Cheng
Noise Characterization and Utilization on IBM-Q Superconducting Quantum Computers
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11:05-11:35 Prof. Hong-Bin Chen
Precession-induced nonclassicality of the free induction decay of NV centers by a dynamical polarized nuclear spin bath
11:40-12:10 Prof. Chia-Yi Ju
Roaming in the Parameter Space: Emergent Dimensions
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12:15-14:00 Lunch
Chairman: Prof. Ching-Yi Lai (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung Univ.)
14:00-14:30 Prof. Hsi-Sheng Goan
High-fidelity and robust two-qubit controlled-Z gates for direct-coupling superconducting transmon qubits
14:35-15:05 Prof. Ying-Cheng Chen
High-fidelity Controlled-Phase Quantum Gates with Rydberg Atoms
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15:10-15:20 Break
Chairman: Prof. Yen-Hsiang Lin (NTHU)
15:20-15:50 Prof. Ite A. Yu
Spectrally ultrabright heralded single photons generated from a hot atomic vapor
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15:55-16:25 Prof. Yung-Fu Chen
Development and Applications of Josephson Parametric Amplifiers
16:30-16:40 Break
Chairman: Prof. Ying-Cheng Chen (AS)
16:40-17:10 Prof. Che-Ming Li
Experimental Quantification of Photonic Quantum Information Processing
17:15-17:45 Prof. Yen-Hsiang Lin
Development of Quantum Processor with Fluxonium Superconducting
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17:50-19:30 Dinner
19:30-22:00 Group Discussion

Aug. 27 (Saturday)
Time Speaker Title
08:50-9:00 Registration
Chairman: Prof. Hong-Bin Chen (NCKU)
09:00-9:30 Prof. Wei-Min Zhang
Noisy Quantum Computing
09:35-10:05 Prof. Chung-Hsien Chou
Some issues about quantum neural network
10:10-10:20 Break
Chairman: Prof. Chia-Yi Ju (NSYSU)
10:20-10:50 Prof. Yeong-Cherng Liang
From nonlocality transitivity to resource marginal problems and back
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10:55-11:25 Prof. Min-Hsiu Hsieh
(Hon Hai Research Institute)

Good Quantum LDPC Codes with Linear Time Decoders

11:30-12:00 Prof. Shin-Liang Chen
Complete classification of steerability under local filters and its relation with measurement incompatibility
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12:00 End of Conference

Poster Session
No Name Title
黃暐銘 Nonperturbative renormalization of quantum thermodynamics from weak to strong couplings
Shiladitya Mal Device-independent entanglement quantification in the presence of losses
Kai-I Chu Quantum Memory Via Parametric Drive Induced Transparency In Superconducting Circuits
Gelo Noel Macuja Tabia Bell violations with random mutually unbiased bases
Kai-Siang Chen Quantum correlations on the no-signaling boundary: self-testing and more
Bo-An Tsai Classical communication cost of simulating Bell-nonlocal correlations
張萬冠 Enhanced subchannel discrimination with post-selection
Swati Kumari Measures of Nonlocality in the Context of Nonlocality Distillation
En-Jui Chang Multi-mode error correction and distillation with the Gottesman-Kitaev-Preskill states
Guan-Huei Wu Design quantum search algorithms with the maze-like structure on IBMQ
Yu-Juan Sun Modeling neural system as an open quantum system
蘇炫瑞 Universal analysis on Rydberg EIT with thermal rubidium vapor
Yi-Hsuan Chen Coherent absorption and re-emission in a two-level atomic system of high optical depth
陳韋銘 Theoretical analysis of optimal probe state in quantum illumination
Li-Chai Shih A Noise Characterization and Analysis Method Based on Bloch Sphere Dynamics
李芳瑜 Laser frequency stabilization to a high-finesse cavity for cesium Rydberg excitations