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Peter Abbamonte (UIUC, USA) 
Title:Latest EELS results on plasmons and the MFL-like continuum in strange metals [PDF]

Erez Berg (Weizmann Institute, Israel)
Title:Strange metals and the Wiedemann–Franz law [PDF]

Chung-Hou Chung (NYCU, Taiwan)

Title:A mechanism for the strange metal phase in rare-earth intermetallic compounds [PDF]

Gaël Grissonnanche (Cornell U., USA)

Title:T-linear resistivity from an isotropic Planckian scattering rate [PDF]   

Sean Hartnoll (U. Cambridge, UK)

Title: Joule Heating in Bad Metals [PDF]

Nigel Hussey, (U. Bristol, UK)

Title:Dual character of the cuprate strange metal [PDF] 

Steve Kivelson (Stanford U., USA)

Title:Perhaps the strange metal in the cuprates is not so strange

Andrew Mackenzie (MPICPFS, Dresden, Germany)

Title:Two updates on experiments relevant to Planckian scattering [PDF]

Silke Paschen (TU Vienna, Austria)

TitleThe extreme strange metal YbRh2Si2  [PDF]

Nick Poniatowski (Harvard U., USA)

Title: Putting bounds on transport: the case of the electron-doped cuprates [PDF]

Sankar Das Sarmar (U. of Maryland,USA)

Title:Strange and Planckian Ordinary Materials [PDF]

Jan Zaanen, (Leiden U., The Netherlands)
TitleQuantum supreme matter and the strange metals [PDF]