Category Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
Event Duration 2022-05-30 - 2022-05-31
Conference Name The 2022 NCTS-MPICPFS international workshop on strange metal
Date:May 30-31, 2022
Time:    1:30PM -4:45PM       (UK time)
            8:30PM-11:45PM     (Taiwan time)

(This is an online workshop.)

In order to continue the discussion for the Q&A session which may have been cut short 5/30, we would open the meeting 30 minutes earlier,the workshop talks still start at the same time (1:30pm UK time)

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Metallic behavior that goes against the Landau’s Fermi liquid paradigm for ordinary metals has commonly been observed in a wide variety of strongly interacting quantum materials and yet the emergence of such metals is poorly understood. This unconventional metallic or non-Fermi liquid behavior often exists near a magnetic quantum phase transition, and shows “strange metal” phenomena with (quasi-)linear-in-temperature resistivity and singular logarithmic-in-temperature or power-law-in-temperature specific heat coefficient. Recently, even more enigmatic strange metal behaviors have been found in rare-earth intermetallic compounds pointing towards a stable strange metal ground state (phase). Moreover, a particularly intriguing class of strange metal states, so-called “Planckian metal”, showing perfect linear-in-temperature resistivity associated with universal scattering rate: 1/t = a kbT/ (h/2p) with a~1, has been observed in the normal state of a variety of strongly correlated superconductors where various competing states are present. Similar but somewhat different puzzles have been found in the “bad metal” region in poor conductors where metallic-like behavior persists well above the Mott-Ioffe-Regel limit. Many fundamental questions arise: Are strange metal and bad metal behaviors somewhat related or totally unrelated phenomena? What are the different mechanism for the “Planckian bound” in electron scattering time in ordinary and correlated metals? What is the link between strange metal state/Planckain scattering and quantum criticality? What are the implications of the Planckian bound on dissipation?

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