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From Taipei Songshan Airport This is a image

Take Metro Taipei MRT from the Songshan Airport (BR13) to Technology Buliding (BR08),  which takes about 10 minutes. (Fare: NT$25). <more>
From Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) This is a image

1. Take Metro Taoyuan MRT from the Airport Terminal 1 (A12) or Airport Terminal 2 (A13) to Taipei Main Station (A1),  which takes about 36-49 minutes. (Fare: NT$150). <more

2. Take Metro Taipei MRT from the Taipei Main Station (BL12/R10) to Gongguan (G07) or Technology Buliding (BR08),  which takes about 11-13 minutes. (Fare: NT$20). <more>

By Train This is a image

1. Take TRA to Taipei Station.
2. For the Time Table of the Train <Link>, and the Taiwan Raiways Administration <Link>.

NTU (Cosmology Hall) location This is a image

1. NTU is located by the MRT Gongguan Station (Songshan Xindian Line). Exit 3 of MRT Gongguan Station is a 3-minute walk away from the NTU Main Gate (Roosevelt Rd. and XInsheng South Rd. intersection. Exit 2 is connected with NTU’s Zhoushan Rd. (Roosevelt Rd. and Zhoushan Rd. intersection). It’s very fast and convenient.

2. Cosmology Hall is located near the NTU Sport Center (Sec. 3, Xinsheng S. Rd & Sec 2, Xinhai Rd). You can walk from the NTU Sport Center towards Xinhai Road and pass by the Dept. of New Physics Hall and Center for Condensed Matter Science and  will see the Cosmology Hall.