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Invited Speakers

1.Cold-atom physics, Quantum memory, Quantum optics (Experiments), Dr. Ying-Cheng Chen (Intstitute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica )
2.Precision spectroscopy, Cold-atom physics, Comb lasers, Dr. Tzu-Ling Chen (Department of Photonics, NYCU )
3.Femtosecond laser-matter interaction, AI, Optical microscopy, Dr. Hung-Wen Chen (iPHD program, NTHU )
4.Single photon detectors, Quantum optoeletronics, Dr. Yi-Shan Lee (Institute of Photonics Technologies, NTHU ) 
5.Quantum x-ray optics, Dr. Wen-Te Liao (Department of Physics, NCU) 
6.Quantum optics, Gravitational wave detectors, Prof. Ray-Kuang Lee (Institute of Photonics Technologies, NTHU)  
7.Quantum imaging, Quantum optics (Experiments), Dr. Paul-Antoine Moreau (Department of Physics, NCKU) 
8.Superconductor, Quantum Computers, Prof. Watson Kuo (Department of Physics, NCHU)