Category Quantum Information and Quantum Computing
Event Duration 2022-02-09 - 2022-02-11
Conference Name Young Researchers Forum on Quantum Information Science
Content Quantum information science (QIS) is a rapidly growing research area that has attracted the attention of researchers of diverse discipline, from physics, computer science, information theory, just to name a few. Today, this multidisciplinary research area not only pushes us towards a better understanding of the intriguing microscopic world and the fundamental limits of information processing but also serves as one of the main driving forces behind a number of maturing quantum technologies, such as quantum random number generators, quantum key distributions, quantum computer, etc.

The Forum aims to bring together young researchers working in QIS in Taiwan and exchange the ideas by sharing their recent works. It is also expected that the Forum can facilitate the collaborations among the young researches at the early stage of their research career.

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