The W boson mass is one parameter that can be predicted in the Standard Model, given just a few input parameters in the electroweak sector.  Previous measurements had a good agreement with the Standard Model prediction at the loop level.  Recently, however, CDF II experiment at Fermilab reported a heavier W boson mass at unprecedented precision, giving rise to a 7 sigma deviation.  The result has attracted a lot of attention and inspired various theory groups to propose new physics models to explain the data as well as some other anomalies at the same time.  The purpose of this rapid response workshop is to offer a platform to discuss the new CDF II result and its implications, from both experimental and theoretical sides, within and beyond the Standard Model.

Time: 9:00 — 16:00
Registration deadline: May 25, 2022 (Wednesday)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop will be entirely online.

National Center for Theoretical Sciences, Physics Division
National Taiwan University
Taiwan Physics Society, Division of Particles and Fields