The thematic group of High Energy Phenomenology at the National Center for Theoretical Sciences (NCTS) organizes the 2022 summer undergraduate student program.  A learning opportunity for those students who are enthusiastic about the particle physics is created, so that they can have a research experience and learn a way to resolve a particle physics-related problem through this summer program.  Topics cover from flavor physics to collider physics.  Each registered student is expected to actively work with a supervisor in the provided domestic particle physicist list, and is required to do an oral presentation of their achievements at the end of program.


◆ June 27 – 30: The summer program starts with a 4-day mini-course on particle physics. Lectures on basic concepts of particle physics are provided. This course is open to the general public, who may not join the program but would like to learn particle physics.

◆ The mini-course is held at NCTS 4th-floor lecture room in NTU Cosmology Hall.

◆ July 01 – August 31: During thes two months, program participants will work on their research topics with their supervisors.  Detailed activities are designed and decided by the supervisors.

◆ August 30 – 31: Participants have to give an oral presentation to demonstrate their achievements. The presentations are also held at NCTS 4th-floor lecture room in NTU Cosmology Hall.


Domestic junior and senior students.  Some backgrounds in special relativity and quantum physics are preferred.

Prof. Chuan-Hung Chen (NCKU)
Prof. Cheng-Wei Chiang (NCTS, NTU)