Category Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
Event Duration 2022-02-10 - 2022-02-11
Conference Name Excited states mini-workshop
Content The Excited states mini-workshop aims for introducing the first-principle excited states calculations tools and frontier research. This year the mini-workshop will focus on theory and applications of ab initio GW and GW-BSE calculations.

We will have tutorial lectures and research talks on excited states properties including quasi-particle band dispersion with GW self-energy, exciton properties and optical absorption spectrum. We hope this workshop provides an opportunity for people who are interested in learning excited state calculations and facilitate discussions on cutting edge research in this direction.

The focus of the hands-on session will be on how to use Quantum Espresso and BerkeleyGW to perform excited states calculations. Participants will learn how to calculate band dispersion with many-body effects, and obtain optical absorption spectrum with electron-hole interactions. These tutorials will give participants basic knowledge and experiences of applying these methods to real materials.

This mini-workshop will be a hybrid of online and physical meetings. Information on online access will be sent to the registered participants prior to the meeting.
Sign Up Duration 2022-01-03 - 2022-01-28
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