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Hotel information

Taipei site:
The two near campus hotels within 10 min walking distance are 
Howard Civil Service International House (福華文教會館)
Just Sleep Taipei NTU (捷絲旅臺大尊賢館)

Kaohsiung site:
The physics department is located at here

Red and Orange Lines on the map are the MRT, the Green Line is the Lightrail.
The closest MRT stop to the university is the "Sizihwan" station, which is called 
"Hamasen" for the Green Line and is a 15-minute walk to the department.
There are plenty of hotels in the area as can be seen on Google Maps.
The Watermark Hotel is within walking distance. City Suites Kaohsiung Zhen'ai 
and City Suites Kaohsiung Pier 2 are some other convenient hotels; they 
are next to the Green Line and two stops from Hamasen. There are many 
other choices with regular prices. Early booking is strongly encouraged.