FieldAtomic Physics
Title2015 Taiwan International Symposium on Contemporary Atomic and Optical Physics
Start Date2015-07-08 10:30:00
End Date2015-07-10 18:00:00
PlaceJuly 8-9 in Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences,AS (NTU) July 10 in National Center for Theoretical Science (NTHU)
IntroductionContemporary atomic and optical physics has been experiencing breathtaking renaissance due to the recent advances on unprecedented control of the atomic and light wavepackets. The advancements of optics on the one hand has led to temporal resolution of attosecond level and frequency resolution of 10-18 level, and on the other hand its light intensity has reached up to petawatt for high-field physics and down to that of single photon for quantum optics studies and quantum information applications. On atomic physics, laser cooling and atom trapping has led to creation of dilute atomic quantum fluids, noticeably Bose-Einstein condensates and degenerate Fermi gases with well controlled atomic interactions for investigation on many-body dynamics toward simulations of exotic quantum matter. In this symposium we will brings together renowned scholars in theseexciting fields to report their recent research findings. We hope this symposium can attract more students to participate.

The symposium will be held on July 8-10, 2015 with the first two days at the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences (IAMS) in Taipei and the last day at the National Center for Theoretical Sciences (NCTS) in Hsinchu. The symposium in Taipei is also to celebrate the 20th anniversary of IAMS.
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