FieldParticle Physics
Title9th Taiwan String Workshop
Start Date2016-11-11 08:00:00
End Date2016-11-13 18:00:00
PlaceLecture Room A, 4F, 3rd General Building, NTHU
IntroductionThis is the 9th of our annual event which started in 2009.

The workshop will focus on the recent developments in string theory
and quantum field theories. The main focus topics this year will
include SUSY gauge theories, integrability, AdS/CFT correspondence and
its applications, holography and quantum entanglement. We will invite
several international speakers for plenary talks.

In addition, this event will provide an opportunity for us string
theorists in Taiwan to meet, share our ideas and results, and discuss
on the future directions. We will have more talks by local string
theorists than previous years. There will also be additional short
talk opportunities for younger participants.

International invited speakers
Katsushi Ito (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Seok Kim (Seoul National University)
Per Kraus (UCLA)
Konstantinos Sfetsos (National & Kapodistrian University of Athens)
Sang-Jin Sin (Hanyang University)

Chuan-Tsung Chan (THU)
Heng-Yu Chen (NTU)
Chong-Sun Chu (NCTS)
Kazuo Hosomichi (NTU)
Yu-Tin Huang (NTU)
Feng-Li Lin (NTNU)
Wen-Yu Wen (CYCU)
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Sign-up Date2016-05-12 00:00:00
Sign-up Deadline2016-10-13 23:59:59
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